Feb, 2014 to Mar, 2014

  • 14 Feb 2014

    A favourite card series by Tony Walkley

    As a dedicated cricket card nut this favourite set is, to me, not only attractive but also offers a certain amount of intrigue. Whereas cricketers on cards appear as portraits, head-and-shoulders or in realistic, but rather static, full length poses, here in 1906 was Sniders & Abrahams issuing cards with a wonderful painterly and illustrative quality.
  • 12 Feb 2014

    Star Newspapers Badges

    In 1933 the Argus newspaper company established the Star Newspaper as an afternoon tabloid to compete with the Melbourne Herald. Due to a lack of competitiveness with the Herald it was withdrawn from publication in 1936. During its short life, the Star Newspaper produced a set of football badges.