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What's a cartophile?


noun● (kɑːˈtɒfɪlɪ) ●

It is believed that this unusual word was coined in the 1920s by Col. Bagnall, an Englishman, who was the father of the hobby of cigarette card and trade card collecting. It is thought to be a combination of a Latin word, “carto” meaning “card and the Greek word “philic”, meaning “love”.- lover of cards. The term originally related to the collection of the two types mentioned, however, our Society has included postcards in the range of items collected by our members.

The History of the Australian Cartophilic Society

The Australian Cartophilic Society (ACS) was formed when five interested cigarette and trade card collectors got together on 13 July 1968 at a meeting organized by Bon (“Penn”) Penhallurick. The attendees were Messrs. Upton, Quigley, Burnell, Grant and Penhallurick.

The five founding members had been collecting cigarette and trade cards for many years, some far back in their childhood when these small coloured or black and white cards were included in tobacco and cigarette packets as well as with many confectionary and food lines. 

Early meetings of the ACS were held in members’ homes or at Penn’s bookshop in Little Collins Street Melbourne, where Penn and his wife Nina sold secondhand books and prints. They also sold cigarette and trade cards as well as postcards as a small sideline, which brought collectors into the shop and ultimately the founding of the Australian Cartophilic Society. As membership grew, meetings were held in a succession of larger venues that were soon outgrown. In 1979 a very suitable meeting room was found at Balwyn Library in Whitehorse Road Balwyn and has been the Society’s permanent meeting venue ever since. 

Our website site contains a shop where members will find many items that will make their collecting more fun:

  • A range of reference books on cards and their manufacturers
  • Folders and sheets to store cards and postcards in an attractive and safe manner
  • Books produced by our members


Each year we conduct five card fairs.  These events are very popular and provide a great opportunity for members and collectors to catch up – and to find that card needed to complete a set! We have over forty vendors at each fair and there is a wide range of collectable items from the 1890’s through to today’s modern cards.  Predictably, footy cards are the most collected items, but there is also a huge range of other sport and non-sport cards, postcards, swap cards and other ephemera items. We have found that collectors usually collect more than just one thing, so who knows what might be on sale!

We currently have over 250 members and one of the things that they really look forward to is our quarterly magazine.  The magazine is full of articles and images written by our members.  There is also a postal auction which offers our members an opportunity to buy and sell cards and postcards. 

And of course, every edition of the magazine contains another episode of the adventures of Collector Kev – and it seems like there is a bit of Kev in all of us.

More details about our meetings, card fairs, our shop, and contacting us can be found throughout this website.

Australian Cartophilic Society Office Bearers

1968P PenhallurickH UpsonH UpsonNA
1969P PenhallurickM HudsonM HudsonM Hudson
1970A RayA GrantA GrantA Grant
1971A RayA GrantA GrantA Grant
1972A GrantA RayA GrantA Grant
1973A GrantA RayA GrantA Grant
1974A GrantS WaddinghamM GrantL Mills
1975A GrantS WaddinghamM GrantL MIlls
1976M GilbertS JonesF WilliamsonS Jones
1977M BruceS JonesF WilliamsonS Jones
1978M BruceS JonesF WilliamsonS Jones
1979M BruceS JonesF WilliamsonJ Mifsud
1980S JonesN VukovicF WilliamsonJ Mifsud
1981S JonesN ShipleyF WilliamsonJ Mifsud
1982S JonesN ShipleyF WilliamsonS Jones
1983S JonesB LockwoodF WilliamsonJ Cocking
1984S JonesB LockwoodL GarrattJ Cocking
1985S JonesB LockwoodL GarrattJ Cocking
1986S JonesS JonesL GarrattJ Cocking
1987E PantherS JonesA FairJ Cocking
1988E PantherJ CockingA FairJ Etkins
1989E PantherJ CockingA FairJ Etkins
1990H MowerE PryorR MilneJ Etkins
1991H MowerE PryorR MilneJ Etkins
1992D BloomE PryorA FairJ Etkins
1993D BloomE PryorA FairJ Etkins
1994E PantherE PryorA FairJ Etkins
1995E PantherE PryorA FairI Barker
1996J RogersonE PryorD ClarkeI Barker
1997J RogersonE PryorD ClarkeI Barker
1998J RogersonE PryorD ClarkeI Barker
1999J RogersonE PryorA PantherL McLeod
2000E PantherJ RogersonA ChambersL McLeod
2001E PantherJ RogersonA ChambersC Chambers
2002E PantherJ RogersonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2003E PantherJ RogersonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2004E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2005E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2006E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2007E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2008E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2009E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2010E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2011E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2012E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2013E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2014E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2015E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonJ Bridges
2016E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2017E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2018E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2019E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2020E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2021E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2022E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonR Ferris & G Dickenson
2023E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonG Verstoep & G Dickenson
2024E PantherJ DickensonJ DickensonG Verstoep & G Dickenson
1979Pearce Penhallurick
1979Alan Grant
1982Shirley Jones
1983Faith Williamson
1984Greg (John) Burlinson
1990Dawn Fair
1996Eric Panther
1998Eve Pryor
2002Michael Tooher
2002Evonne Edmonds
2008Dean Brydon
2011John Dickenson
2016Jodi Bridges
2020Graeme Dickenson
2020Phil Edwards
2020Bob Ferris
2020Gary Nichols
1979Edward Wharton- Tigar
2007Dion Skinner